Danny Wallace

Executive Director, Information Technology

“With heart and mind, never cease to amaze.”


My family, our dogs, cycling, college football, and backroads


I come from independent, hardworking, funny, service driven people. These traits have molded my career, and they go into everything I do and everyone I encounter. As a design-illustration major in college (no, not tech), my focus was problem-solving, abstract thinking, less is more. When you apply all of this to 30 yrs. in the business of information technology, you end up with prudent solutions, happy stakeholders, and far fewer panic attacks.


I love making others smile. Seeing someone enjoy themselves, being happy in what they do, and making their path better is everything to me.


My father came from nothing, working hard to make a good life for us. Experiencing the finer things through travel was something he cherished and shared with me at a very young age. That passion afforded me a life of remarkable venues, great memories, and an opportunity to do the same with my girls. Working in an organization where I can use my skills to help make unique experiences like mine, possible for others, fills me with tremendous pride.