Terry Buchholz

Regional Vice President, Operations

“I thrive on genuine connections and positive energy.”


Good people, seeing others succeed and football


I started my career in hospitality on a cruise boat which made me realize that I really enjoyed not only putting a smile on people’s faces but I also enjoyed the service aspect. I am a servant at heart, so hospitality is home for me.


I enjoy curating experiences and creating long lasting positive memories for others, both internally and externally. Our boutique luxury/lifestyle hotels make for a better experience for both team members and guests. You have the ability to truly personalize each experience and tailor it to each individual as they walk through your doors. It’s all about the service, style, and details.


Hospitality to me is taking care of and treating others how you would like to be cared for and treated. It means welcoming people into your home and making sure they are comfortable and feel a part of your family. I love that about hotels and restaurants. The ability to surprise and delight and see the expression of joy and satisfaction on other peoples faces and to know we made a difference, is what truly makes my day.

Terry Buchholz Vice President of Operations