Kim Dunbar

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

“Hospitality is about the passion for creating exceptional and memorable experiences.”


Country music, golfing, running, biking, San Francisco Giants and the Dallas Cowboys


Hospitality chose me and what started as a job grew into a career that allows me utilize my talents and abilities to re-engineer and transform the way Human Resources supports our people and our company.


Creating and fostering a workplace culture that is consistent with our company’s mission, values and guiding principles which is all about the people, the experiences and the stories. I have a passion for being able to truly impact someone’s life.


Coury Hospitality is a company with lifestyle brands that are about uniqueness and storytelling. Having the opportunity to work alongside talented leaders allows me to plan for the future of our business to scale and grow, preserve retain and attract new talent that fits within our culture.

Kim Dunbar Vice President Human Resources