Lance Kobza

Vice President, Information Technology

“A commitment must be made, a plan must be laid, and a price must be paid” – from my grandfather.


My Family (wife and three sons), Community, and East Texas Hunting


I am a friendly, hard-working, analytical person who enjoys being outdoors, hunting, fishing, playing golf, and playing volleyball. In 2009, I landed in Hospitality with an IT consulting engagement for Goldman Sachs, and I’ve never looked back!


I have been all over the world including overseas in Saudi Arabia. However, the people and unique hotel and restaurant portfolio attracted me to Coury Hospitality. I look forward each day to being part of a team, that rows in the same direction to achieve ambitious goals.


With an IT Consulting engagement led me to become part of an amazing team, 14 years ago.  I’ve stayed close to those people and enjoyed expanding my hospitality relationships as my career progressed. The hospitality industry is not only an opportunity to serve others but also to provide exceptional service in places where people are making memories.


Lance Kobza Vice President of IT at Coury Hopitality smiling in a gray jacket with a blue shirt