Sarah White

Corporate Director, Hotel Accounting

“My favorite part of my job is when everything begins to come together seamlessly, right before a project reaches its conclusion.”


Food, running, spending time with my pets


Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to have supportive bosses who have enabled my professional growth and development. In the past five years with Coury Hospitality, I’ve experienced substantial personal and career growth, which I believe might not have been possible elsewhere.


Hospitality involves creating an experience through the décor and ambiance that gives each guest the impression that they are the sole focus, generating a sense of intimacy even in the presence of numerous other guests.


I joined Coury Hospitality in 2018 and I saw it as a job with the potential for professional growth. I was under the impression that accounting was accounting, and it didn’t matter what industry I was in; the work was pretty much the same. I love the nuances of hospitality accounting and the amount of interaction I have with other departments.


Sarah White smiling as she sits on a tan lounge chair