Finance Management

Financial Savvy

Our Finance Team assists hotel managers plan operations, controlling activities, and make better decisions to maximize revenue while controlling costs. Financial systems are put in place to accurately track revenue and expenditures, manage budgets, and optimize profit.

Coury Hospitality utilizes an enterprise accounting platform powered by M3 technology that supports the following tasks well in a dashboard format accessible to owners and hotel operations.  BirchStreet Systems software is in place at each location to further improve business processes by automating eProcurement and Accounts Payable Automation.

  • Annual Budgeting
  • Monthly Forecasting
  • Daily Revenue Reporting
  • Monthly Profit & Loss Reporting
  • eProcurement
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Balance Sheet Reconciliation

Management Capabilities

Connecting employees with guests, and clients with municipalities. Working with restaurant and hotels for over thirty years has shown us what investors look for and how to deliver it. We think like owners because we are owners.