Coury Hospitality Risk Management

Risk Management

“Ensuring Insurance” – The first rule of Fight Club, protect the asset, customers, and employees! Our team has experience working with general liability, business interruptions, garage keepers, workers’ compensation, and property insurance companies and brokers. Whether it is a new property or an existing one, we make sure that there are no surprises.

Brand Compliance Requirements: The fine print: Brands such as Hilton, Marriott, and IHG have many insurance requirements. We make sure we follow the brand requirements. We work with the brokers or directly with the companies to read through the fine print.


Claim Guidance: Valet fender bender, employee injury, theft, water damage from a broken pipe? These are all claims that can cause minor inconveniences for the customers and guests or cause thousands. With broker guidance, we are happy to help and support the asset through all types of simple or complicated claims.

  • Loss Run Reviews and Recommendations
  • Insurance Audit Assistance
  • Assessing Renewal and New Property Insurance Needs
  • Billing and Premium Allocations
  • Evaluating Self-Insurance vs Market

Management Capabilities

Connecting employees with guests, and clients with municipalities. Working with restaurant and hotels for over thirty years has shown us what investors look for and how to deliver it. We think like owners because we are owners.