AJ Jaffri

Executive Director, Hotel Accounting & Finance

“I enjoy creating a positive and unique experience for guests and our team as well as meeting new people and building relationships. “


Travel, cooking, family and friends


Having been born and raised in Pakistan, I pursued my tertiary education at the University of West London, where I obtained a degree in Business Studies. Subsequently, while residing in Dubai, I received an offer to work for a hotel management company, which was not my initial preference. However, through my professional experiences, I discovered a fervent passion for the hospitality industry.


As the Executive Director of Hotel Accounting & Finance for Coury Hospitality, I am tasked with maintaining close collaboration with stakeholders such as the ownership, lenders, and the hotel operations team. Specifically, my role entails effective communication of financial information and ensuring overall satisfaction with the hotel’s financial
performance. I am motivated to remain abreast of industry trends and innovation while fostering growth and development among my team, nurturing their potential as future leaders.


The lifestyle hotel portfolio and leadership profile of Coury Hospitality greatly appealed to me, which ultimately led me to pursue a career with the organization. As a dynamic and constantly evolving industry, hospitality offers a fast-paced work environment that presents ample opportunities to expand one’s knowledge base, whether it pertains to emerging technologies or evolving travel trends.


AJ Jaffri Executive Director of Accounting and Finance at Coury Hospitality